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Fracking Jobs

Oil and Gas Industry Internships

From time to time, we at Fracking Jobs receive inquiries regarding oil and gas industry internships. While we don’t compile a list of the companies that offer internships, we...

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Fracking Controversy

Watch FrackNation Online

Since its release in early 2013, the film documentary “FrackNation” has taken direct aim at the anti-fracking community as well as one of the chief spokespeople for...

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Get Your CDL

How Much Do Frac Sand Haulers Make?

Perhaps you already have your CDL, but you lack the driving experience to land a lucrative oilfield gig such as hauling crude. Don’t give up: there are driving jobs in the...

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Boom Town Life

Fracking Companies: Find Them Here

Fracking Jobs has compiled a directory featuring over 100 oilfield companies that are active in the “unconventional” oil and gas industry throughout the United States....

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Recent Posts

Oil Drilling Videos for Newbies

If you’re new to the oil and gas industry, you need to learn as much as you can about the tools of the trade, the lingo, and the environments that you want to work in. One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the oil business is to check out some of the videos we have listed on this page. We sifted through the hundreds of videos that are...

What Does Your DAC Report Look Like?

Hang around with enough oilfield, over-the-road, or local truck drivers either at a truck stop or online, and you’ll eventually hear about something called a “DAC report”. What is a┬áDAC report? First of all, the “DAC” stands for “Drive-A-Check”. And, while everyone has a credit report, only CDL drivers have DAC reports....

Which Shale Plays Produce the Most Oil and Gas?

Perhaps the best known oil and gas shale regions in the United States are the Bakken region which is located primarily in North Dakota, and the Eagle Ford region which is located in South Texas. However, there are many other shale plays located in the lower 48 United States, and six of these plays (including the aforementioned Bakken and Eagle Ford plays) are...