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Fracking Companies: Find Them Here

Fracking Jobs has compiled a directory featuring over 100 oilfield companies that are active in the “unconventional” oil and gas industry throughout the United States....

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Fracking Jobs

Water Hauler Jobs Overview

Along with oil and gas, a drilling operation produces large amounts of salt water and other waste fluid by-products which have to be removed and properly disposed of. Large vacuum...

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Oilfield Family Finances

How to Fight Debt Collectors

You might be looking for a job in the booming oil shale industry so that you can get back on your feet after a long financial drought. If so, good for you. But until you find a...

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Get Your CDL

How Much Do Crude Haulers Make?

In the oilfields, commercial driver license holders can choose from several different types of driving-oriented jobs. One of the highest paying driving jobs relating to oilfield...

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Recent Posts

Hydrogen Sulfide Safety

One of the by-products of oil and gas drilling is a toxic gas known as hydrogen sulfide. Also known by its slang names “swamp gas”, “sour gas”, or “rotten egg gas”, hydrogen sulfide (or H2S) is a potentially deadly substance that anyone working around drilling rigs needs to be aware of. Your employer should provide you with...

Oilfield Housing Options

Along with actually finding a fracking job, the biggest concern for most individuals who seek oilfield employment is finding a place to live near the job site. The largest and most productive oil shale plays are also in rather remote regions, far from large metropolitan areas. Because of this, housing has become an issue not only for potential oilfield...

Oilfield Driver Pre-Trip for the Real World

Now that you have your CDL (if not, start here), you’re probably wondering if all that hard work you did memorizing the pre-trip inspection portion of the CDL exam was really necessary. Well, of course it was, to some degree. You will never see any professional driver actually going through the entire pre-trip inspection that takes place during a...