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FrackNation vs GasLand

In one corner: “GasLand” – the documentary most often cited by the anti-fracking movement for relevant “ban fracking” arguments. In the other corner: “FrackNation” – a recently release documentary which disproves many of “GasLand’s” claims. Who will win the FrackNation vs GasLand battle?

Just released this month, “FrackNation” is an independent, pro-fracking documentary produced to counter the somewhat misleading sensationalism presented by very slanted “documentaries” such as Josh Fox’s “Gasland”. Since accusations fly freely on both sides of the fracking issue (“the fracking war” might be a more appropriate phrase here), and billions of dollars are being contested around the world over the issue, FrackNation’s producers decided the best way to fund the film would

be by using the website to aggregate small donations, while avoiding funding from energy industry executives. What a contrast, for example, when compared to the funding behind Matt Damon’s recently released – and very fictional – anti-fracking “Promised Land”, which has been reported to receive some funding from the United Arab Emirates. And what a contrast, indeed, to the misleading claims put forth in “Gasland”, which fail to prove that combustible tap water isn’t related to fracking – but, in fact, was around long before fracking took place. Read more…