This Driver Held More CDL Jobs Than You

Below, you can see an overview of the over 30 (!) different CDL driving jobs that "Skip" (not his real name) held before finally finding a fracking job, which he plans to keep for a while. Skip's job history took place for a nearly ten-year period starting in 2003. A few things about the table below:

  • Many of the jobs Skip held were part-time, and that was because Skip only wanted part-time driving work when he held these jobs. They were Skip's choice. Skip wanted us to leave out company names, but the jobs listed were real jobs held by a real driver. The wage information, for example, is accurate.
  • The "weekly avg." column shows Skip's average earnings per week for each job in U.S. dollars. These were calculated by taking the average number of hours that Skip worked each week times the hourly wage, if the job paid hourly. If a job paid by the load or by the mile, then the average weekly amount was calculated based on how much distance or how many loads, on average, that Skip drove each week. Many of the hourly jobs paid around $14 to $16 per hour for 20-30 hours of work (roughly) per week. Not a high amount, to be sure, but again: many of these jobs were "part-time" and therefore lower-paying. Any oilfield job will pay much more (as Skip himself has learned).
  • Several of these jobs were assigned to Skip from a single staffing company which specializes in CDL drivers. Skip decided to break out each individual assignment so that he (and you) could see at a glance some of the different driving situations that he found himself in.
  • You can sort the table data by clicking the top of any column. Click again to reverse the sort order.
  • Have a question for Skip? He'll gladly try to answer it. Send him a question via our contact page...

 CompanyEquipmentWeekly Avg.Pay TypeFT/PTSummary
10Wholesale Cleaning ProductsStraight Van290.00HourlyPTDelivered pallets of janitorial products to stores and warehouses
16Industrial Molds ManufacturerStraight Van450.00HourlyFTNice truck but micromanaging boss with no people skills
17De-Icing Fluids Vac Truck ServiceStraight Tanker400.00HourlyPTGreat pay, weekends only gig, easy work, ended too soon
12Steel Products DeliveryStraight Flatbed350.00HourlyPTAnother unsafe gig where truck had bad brakes, not well maintained
1Bottled Water DeliveryStraight Van675.00CommissionFTPaid a base amount, plus commission of total deliveries/sales
26Pipe and Plumbing ManufacturerStraight Van100.00HourlyFTAnother risky gig: no training on loading procedures, unsafe loads
19Fuel Transport*Straight Tanker1050.00HourlyFTGreat pay but this outfit was under investigation by DOT
4Family-Owned Lanscape CompanyDump Truck660.00HourlyFTDrove small single-axle dump truck delivering top soil and fertilizer
31Bulk Water HaulingConv. 10 spd., Tanker375.00HourlyPTGreat training for future fracking job gigs requiring tanker know-how
7Bulk Trash Hauling to LandfillsConv. 10 spd., 53' Van400.00Per LoadFTAwful company, unsafe trucks, low pay, unethical owner
9Yard Trailer JockeyConv. 10 spd., 53' Van275.00HourlyPTMove 53' vans to/from nearby warehouses
11Small OTR ContracterConv. 10 spd., 53' Van600.00Per MilePTVery unsafe equipment: trailer lost wheels, fortunately no injuries
13Small LTL ContracterConv. 10 spd., 53' Van175.00HourlyPTDelivered products to warehouses for major auto firm, decent trucks
14Large OTR Trucking CompanyConv. 10 spd., 53' Van600.00Per MilePTSigned up to work 7/7 OTR gig but only attended orientation
15Furniture ManufacturerConv. 10 spd., 53' Van575.00Per LoadFTNo-touch freight, but expected to drive over HOS limits
18Wholesale Cleaning ProductsConv. 10 spd., 53' Van425.00HourlyPTEasy 250 mile round-trip 3x per week for fair pay, but bad trucks
20U.S. Mail ContractorConv. 10 spd., 53' Van1050.00HourlyFTAnother decent gig but holiday season only during Dec. 2008
21Mobile Storage Container TransportConv. 10 spd., 53' Van475.00HourlyPTTemp gig, fairly easy work and all local runs, but shoddy equipment
22Retail Store LogisticsConv. 10 spd., 53' Van250.00HourlyPTNo-touch deliveries of retail goods to major retailer, all local
23Testing Service for Truck ManufacturersConv. 10 spd., 53' Van500.00HourlyPTGreat gig: emissions testing on semis, 500 mile runs, no-touch
24Wholesale Medical Products DeliveryConv. 10 spd., 53' Van625.00HourlyFTLousy company: too demanding, bad mgmt., bad pay, no OT
25Retail Store LogisticsConv. 10 spd., 53' Van125.00HourlyPTExpected to move 53' vans through residential areas; too risky
27Large OTR Trucking CompanyConv. 10 spd., 53' Van150.00Per LoadPTHired on to work part-time runs: 500 mile r/t's 3x per month
28Cardboard Recycling for Major RetailerConv. 10 spd., 53' Van300.00HourlyPTGreat gig: very easy work, lots of sitting but paid by hour
29Family-Owned OTR Trucking CompanyConv. 10 spd., 53' Van200.00Per LoadPTCheapskate company: drivers treated like commodities
30U.S. Mail ContractorConv. 10 spd., 53' Van440.00Per LoadPTGood pay for a family-run business, but equipment not the best
32Family-Owned OTR Trucking CompanyConv. 10 spd., 53' Van100.00Per LoadPTLast bad gig before getting oilfield work: awful pay, awful equipment
6Carpeting ManufacturerConv. 10 spd., 48' Van750.00HourlyFTVery tough: unloaded heavy carpet rolls off trailers in summer heat
8Wholesale Ice Cream DeliveryConv. 10 spd., 48' Reefer750.00HourlyFTDecent gig: delivered pallets of ice cream products to stores
2Construction CompanyConv. 10 spd., 48' Flat420.00HourlyFTTrained to drive a flatbed hauling construction equipment
3Restaurant Grease CollectionConv. 10 spd., 40' Tank600.00HourlyFTPulled grease trailer, picked up grease for recycling
5Welding & Industrial Gases DeliveryConv. 10 spd., 28' Flat1100.00HourlyFTHighest paying gig; also most hours per week on avg. at 55/week